Performance measures

The VI’s performance measures are as follows:

Performance measures Unit of measure 2021-22 target
Recommendations of the VI accepted by agencies % 75
Reasons for decisions provided for complaint outcomes % 100%
Improvements to the integrity system Number 6

* An improvement to the integrity system is a demonstrable change to the conduct and compliance of any of the integrity, accountability and investigatory bodies oversighted by the VI (integrity bodies). 

We identify non-compliance and opportunities for systemic improvement through undertaking our functions (inspections, investigations, monitoring etc) and respond proportionately through the framework of our published Integrity Response Guidelines.

We measure improvements to the integrity system where the VI’s integrity response has demonstrably influenced an integrity body’s conduct to help prevent future non-compliance, such as: 

  • an integrity body implementing VI recommendation(s)
  • an integrity body establishing new procedures to prevent systemic recurrence of non-compliance
  • an integrity body changing its application of the law in response to VI feedback.