Controlled operations reports by the Victorian Inspectorate

Controlled operations allow law enforcement officers to engage in an activity that may be unlawful, to investigate criminal activity.

A controlled operation allows authorised participants, including law enforcement officers, to engage in an activity that may be unlawful, to get evidence that may lead to prosecution of a person for a Commonwealth or State offence.

We provide independent oversight of the conduct of controlled operations by the following bodies:

The chief officer of each of these bodies is required to report to us every 6 months on specific details regarding all controlled operations they have conducted during the previous 6 months.

Regular inspections

We complete 6-monthly inspections of each body’s records, to assess their compliance with legislation. We are also required to prepare an annual report on each body’s activities and their compliance with statutory obligations. This report is made available to the responsible Minister and tabled in each House of Parliament.

Previous controlled operations reports

Reviewed 01 February 2023

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