Accountability of the Victorian Inspectorate

The Victorian Inspectorate is overseen by 2 parliamentary committees - the Integrity and Oversight Committee and the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee.

Integrity and Oversight Committee

The Integrity and Oversight Committee (IOC) is a parliamentary committee established in 2019 by the:

Under the IALA Act the former Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission Committee and the former Accountability and Oversight Committee have been merged to form the new IOC.

The IOC is responsible for the following functions:

  • Monitoring and reviewing the performance of the VI’s duties and functions.
  • Reporting to both Houses of the Parliament on any matter connected with the performance of the VI’s duties and functions.
  • Examining reports the VI makes to the IOC or to the Parliament (other than reports in respect of VAGO officers).
  • Considering the appointment of an Inspector.

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Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC)

The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) reviews the performance of the duties and functions of the VI, and examines any reports made by the VI to Parliament in relation to VAGO officers.

To ensure the VI is independent, the VI Act prescribes that it is unlawful for these parliamentary committees to investigate or review any decision, finding or recommendation made by the VI when exercising its functions and powers.

Reviewed 20 March 2020

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