About the Victorian Inspectorate

The Victorian Inspectorate monitors Victoria’s integrity agencies. Mr Eamonn Moran PSM KC, the current Inspector, is an Independent Officer of the Parliament.

The Victorian Inspectorate was established in 2013 by the Victorian Inspectorate Act 2011 to oversee other integrity, accountability and investigatory bodies and their officers. 

We receive, assess, and where appropriate, investigate complaints made to us about:

  • Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission and IBAC staff, including public interest disclosures
  • Victorian Ombudsman staff
  • Victorian Auditor-General’s Office staff
  • Chief Examiner and Examiners
  • Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner and staff
  • Victoria’s Office of the Special Investigator and staff, including public interest disclosures

We also:

  • monitor IBAC and its staff, in relation to their duties, functions and powers
  • inspect and audit certain records kept by the Public Interest Monitor, Victoria Police, IBAC and other agencies in relation to warrants and operations
  • oversee the use of coercive powers (for example, power to summon and examine witnesses) by IBAC, VAGO, the VO, the Chief Examiner and Examiners, OVIC, Wage Inspectorate Victoria (WIV), and Victoria’s OSI, and their staff
  • monitor how coercive powers are used under the Judicial Commission of Victoria Act 2016
  • oversee IBAC’s performance of its functions under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012
  • review public interest disclosure procedures of IBAC, the VO and the Judicial Commission of Victoria.