Integrity body investigations and inquiries

Our process for investigating complaints about IBAC, the Victorian Ombudsman, Chief Examiner, OVIC or VAGO.

We’ll assess your complaint about IBAC, the Victorian Ombudsman, Chief Examiner, OVIC, or VAGO. We usually request information from a body or individuals.

Starting an investigation

We may conduct a preliminary inquiry for the purpose of determining whether to investigate a complaint.

We must investigate a public interest disclosure complaint. We can also initiate an own motion investigation. 

Compelling the production of evidence

We may hold an inquiry into any matter arising out of an investigation. This empowers us to examine witnesses and compel the production of information.

An examination takes place when a person is required by us (summonsed) to give evidence and/or to produce documents or things. Examinations are conducted on oath or affirmation and the subject matter of the attendance and examination may be made subject to a confidentiality notice. 

We can direct a person summonsed not to engage a particular legal representative (though the person may engage another legal representative). This can occur, for example, if the legal representative is already representing another witness in the same investigation. The direction would avoid a conflict of interest.


An interview takes place when a person attends our office to answer questions without being summonsed. Officers of bodies overseen by us can be required to attend our office to answer questions or produce documents to us in relation to our investigation.

Reviewed 19 February 2020

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