Integrity reports by the Victorian Inspectorate

As part of our monitoring oversight of a body’s performance of its duties or functions, or use of coercive powers, we may produce integrity reports and make recommendations or suggestions for improvement.

View our integrity reports below:

IBAC: Police misconduct complaints

In October 2019, we completed a monitoring project resulting in a report on IBAC's process for assessing and determining police misconduct complaints under its former and current Complaint Management Systems (CMS).

We found that under IBAC's former CMS, an analysis of the substance and credibility of allegations of misconduct was not recorded in the majority of complaint files reviewed by the Inspectorate. We also found that there was a marked improvement in the recording of such analysis under its current CMS. The report makes recommendations about the recording of analysis by IBAC to enhance the transparency of IBAC's assessment and determination process.

Integrity Report-Monitoring Report on IBAC - Police Misconduct Complaints
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IBAC: Protected Disclosures

In June 2019, we completed a monitoring project on the performance by IBAC of its functions under section 55(1) of the Protected Disclosure Act 2012. The report identifies opportunities that IBAC may consider to improve its future performance of those functions.

Integrity Report - Monitoring Project on IBAC Protected Disclosures - Victorian Inspectorate
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Victorian Ombudsman interviews

In June 2019, we completed a monitoring project to assess whether witnesses in Ombudsman investigations are provided with sufficient information to make informed decisions about their participation in interviews with Ombudsman officers.

The report makes recommendations for the provision by Ombudsman officers of additional information during their initial telephone contact with, and in written material sent to, witnesses.

Integrity Report - Monitoring Project on Victorian Ombudsman Interviews June 2019
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