The VI was established to provide oversight of other integrity, accountability or investigatory bodies and their officers.

The VI is the key oversight body in Victoria’s integrity system.

The VI is committed to providing the Parliament and the people of Victoria with independent assurance that these bodies, which collectively constitute Victoria’s ‘integrity system’, act lawfully and properly in the performance of their functions.

The model of integrity oversight adopted by the Victorian Parliament is unique in Australia in how it vests in a single entity (the VI) the oversight of multiple integrity bodies. This allows the VI to take a leadership role within the integrity system and apply learnings from its oversight of any one integrity body across the integrity system, as appropriate.


  • An integrity system that is robust and trusted


Public confidence and trust in Victoria’s integrity system

  • The right checks and balances are in place
  • The community knows to come to the VI to protect their rights
  • Intrusive and coercive powers are exercised lawfully
  • A robust Victorian integrity system
  • Parliament has confidence in the VI
  • The VI is positively influencing the conduct of integrity bodies
  • The public sector is being held to account

Strategic priorities (3 years)

Build the capability of the VI to proactively manage demand
Raise public awareness of the role and impact of the VI
Lead a network focused on improving agency practice

The VI’s three-year strategic plan commenced 1 January 2019. We are completing this journey and will establish a new strategic plan during 2021–22.