11 Oct 2022

The Victorian Inspectorate (‘VI’) has tabled a Special Report into IBAC’s referral and oversight of Emma’s complaints about Victoria Police’s response to family violence by a police officer. 

The VI’s Special Report, tabled in Parliament on 11 October 2022, highlights the experience of ‘Emma’, not her real name, who was the victim of significant violence perpetrated by her then partner who was at the time, a serving member of Victoria Police. 

The report relates to IBAC’s referral back to Victoria Police of Emma’s complaints arising from the family violence investigation. The central issue in Emma’s allegations, namely the unwillingness of police to act against their own in cases of family violence, was effectively overlooked by IBAC for two years.

The issues with IBAC’s handling of Emma’s case are so serious and long running, and the consequences so devastating, that it is worthy of consideration and public comment. The complaint to IBAC included an allegation that her family violence escape plan was leaked by Victoria Police.

Where there is a possibility that a matter referred to Victoria Police for investigation will be investigated by the colleagues of the perpetrator and of other officers being complained about, IBAC needs to ensure that its referral decision-making processes are as thorough and transparent as they can be.  Important decisions need to be documented together with the underlying chain of reasoning and analysis.

When actual conflicts of interest are alleged within a referred investigation, IBAC also needs a clear process to consider withdrawing the referral.

The VI’s Special Report makes four (4) recommendations which aim to improve the effectiveness of IBAC’s processes for oversight of police.  All recommendations have been accepted by IBAC, and the VI will work to help ensure they are implemented.  A systemic issue in Victoria Police, with such devastating consequences for innocent victims, should very much be a priority issue for IBAC.  Only if the VI’s recommendations are implemented will Emma and others in her situation feel safer to come forward to Victoria Police and to IBAC.

Read the Special Report now.

Quotes for attribution to the Inspector, Eamonn Moran PSM KC

“The integrity system needs to provide better support to the partners of police officers who are the victims of family violence.”

“Ultimately, the aim is that all victims of family violence can feel safer to come forward to both Victoria Police and IBAC.”

Important: The Special Report has been carefully prepared with no identities or dates. Please refrain from representing otherwise.