Appendix A - Inspection Criteria and Methodology

Inspection criteria and methodology for inspection of Victoria Poiice records.

Ref Criteria Methodology
1 What activities has Victoria Police undertaken to ensure it can comply with its use of powers under the TCPA?
1.1 Have officers with a role under the TCPA been trained in their obligations? Record checks – training documents.
Qualitative assessment - quality of education programs, awareness campaigns and training.
1.2 Has the agency further developed its policies and procedures for using TCPA powers? Record checks: policies and procedures, templates, checklists.
Qualitative assessment - how well have any amendments been communicated?
Level of engagement and responsiveness to VI.
1.3 Has the agency further engaged with other bodies (such as the VO, IBAC, VLA, the Commission for Children and Young People, the PIM) on requirements associated with using the powers? Qualitative assessment - engagement activity.
2 Were covert search warrants obtained and executed in accordance with Part 2 of the TCPA?
2.1 Were covert search warrants properly obtained?
  • Does the agency have sufficient procedures to ensure that warrants are properly applied for?
  • Were applications for covert search warrants properly made?
  • Were notifications to the PIM of applications for warrants properly given?
Record checks:
  • Do relevant documents meet requirements?
  • Have application procedures been complied with?
  • Do notifications to the PIM meet form, timeliness and content requirements?
2.2 Were covert search warrants properly executed?
  • Does the agency have sufficient procedures to ensure that covert searches are properly executed?
  • Were covert searches properly conducted?
  • If the warrant was issued subject to conditions, were they complied with?
Records checks:
  • Contemporaneous operational records contain appropriate information and properly completed.
  • If there were conditions on warrants, were they complied with? Are there sufficient operational records to demonstrate compliance?
3 Was the agency transparent and were reports properly made?
3.1 Were reports properly made?
  • Were reports on covert search warrants sent to the VI in accordance with s 11 and include all required information?
Internal records (VI receives report).
3.2 Was the agency cooperative and frank?
  • Does the agency have a culture of compliance?
  • Was the agency proactive in identifying compliance issues?
  • Did the agency self-disclose issues?
  • Were issues identified at previous inspection(s) addressed?
Qualitative assessment based on engagement and provision of records.